John E Fry | Best of CVHF 2013
Created 29-Sep-13
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Some of my best photographs from the Chalke Valley History Festival 2013, featuring Max Hastings, Anthony Beevor, Tom Holland, Ian Hislop, Boris Johnson, Joanna Lumley, Tom Stoppard, James Holland, Charlie Higson, Rupert Everett, Neil Oliver, and many more!
JEF-CVHF-Day1-016asJEF-CVHF-Day1-053asJEF-CVHF-Day1-124asJEF-CVHF-Day2-008asJEF-CVHF-Day2-046asJEF-CVHF-Day2-071asJEF-CVHF-Day2-081asJEF-CVHF-Day2-083asLord Paddy Ashdown CVHF portraitJEF-CVHF-Day2-171asJEF-CVHF-Day3-022sJEF-CVHF-Day3-037asJEF-CVHF-Day3-159asHorrible Histories CVHF Competition WinnersJEF-CVHF-Day3-203asJEF-CVHF-Day3-212asJEF-CVHF-Day3-228asTom Holland lectures at CVHFJEF-CVHF-Day3-301asA Tank

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